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Wherever there is moisture, moderate temperatures, and a supply of organic food there are fungi present, yet very few of us understand the impact that fungi makes to the woodland and grassland ecology which provides their habitat.

In fact, it is only recently that experts have determined that not only can fungi influence and impact the trees and plants within  grasslands and woodlands but the wildlife too.

To enable you to better understand the fungi on your property, leading Field Mycologist, Andy Overall provides surveying and consulting services and strategies for interacting and maintaining a balanced fungal environment within your property. This will include conservation, biodiversity, mycelia interactions and the protection of red data species.


There are over 3500 larger species of fungi within the United Kingdom and there are numerous different forms and roles they play.  Some species cause disease, others break down wood or debris in the soil and others develop an association with root tips of trees and plants, a relationship known as Mycorrhiza. There are certain genera of fungi that are known to produce allergic reactions in humans and others that produce toxins.

It is important to note that, unlike plants, fungi do not have roots and therefore picking does not harm or prevent the recurrence of fungi. The main body of the fungus lies beneath the ground and the fungi you see above ground or on wood is merely a fruit body, the reproductive stage of the fungus lifecycle.

Andy has conducted a number of extensive surveys within the United Kingdom including Home Park and Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Gardens, Bushy Park, Richmond Park, Regents Park and Primrose Hill, Hampstead Heath, Hounslow Heath and Bedfont Lakes Country Park among other sites. Studies have also been conducted within the Kenwood Estate, Epping Forest, Wimbledon Common and the New Forest.  Andy also has close ties with Kew Gardens.  For examples of the surveys, please visit the London Fungus Group at

Services offered include:

  • Fungi Overview – 1 visit
  • Fungi Survey – 4 to 6 visits or more (depending on depth of survey and size of site to be surveyed)
  • Private or Group Forays
  • Private or Group Workshops

To learn more about these services please contact Andy by email at