Exciting Finds

Interesting and rare species recorded during survey of Hounslow Heath during 2023.

Artomyces pyxidatus on rotten Poplar log.


Clavaria argillacea fruiting among mosses and heather on stoney ground.


Cortinarius olivaceofuscus with Quercus rober, a rare species often on chalky soils with Fagus.


Arrhenia sp. DNA places it in the Arrhenia acerosa complex, this is yet to be resolved.


Entoloma cremeoalbum-New to Britain – DNA confirmed.
Verpa conical-Thimble Morel. An unexpected explosion of this species in April/May, during the survey of Hounslow Heath 2023.
Lepiota erminea-A species often associated with coastal habitat. Here it was in a similar gravely habitat among short shrubs and heather on Hounslow Heath 2023.
Tephrocybe anthrocophilum-A species of burnt ground. here on Hounslow Heath, it was fruiting among moss in an area where gorse had the year previously been burnt down.
Morchella esculenta-A good year for the Morels in Greater London-Hounslow Heath 2023.