Fungi Walks 2017

Fungitobewith is reaching out to the general public and offers an enlightening, entertaining and insightful introduction to the fascinating and increasingly important world of fungi. As well as getting to know some of the edible and toxic mushrooms,the forays also create the opportunity to compile species lists and to collect specimens as voucher material, which will be held at the Kew Gardens, mycological herbarium. This helps contribute to an ongoing documentation of numbers of species in specified areas over time and their distribution patterns across the U.K. The main aim of the forays is to gain practical experience in the identifying of different species of fungi, especially the common edible and poisonous ones.  So you not only get to take home a few edibles and meet some of the nasties, you are also contributing toward a better future for fungi and the environment within which they thrive.  It is essential that all those who take part respect the regulations operating in the areas where the forays are held. Please note that ‘foray’ is another term for walk.

GIFT CARDS are available too……perfect present for the nature lover in your life!

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Saturday 22nd April: Foray – Hampstead Heath, London

Saturday 6th May: Foray – Hampstead Heath, London

Sunday 14th May: Foray – Hampstead Heath

Sunday 20th August: Foray – Puttenham Common, Surrey

Saturday 23rd September: Foray – Hampstead Heath, London-Fully Booked

Sunday 24th September: Foray – Puttenham Common, Surrey

Saturday 30th  September:Foray – Hampstead Heath, London-Fully Booked

Sunday 1st October: Foray – Epping Forest, London/Essex-Fully Booked

Saturday 7th October: Foray – Wimbledon Common, London/Surrey

Sunday 8th October: Foray – New Forest, Hampshire-Fully Booked

Saturday 14th October: Beginners Workshop – Hampstead Heath, London-fully booked

Sunday 15th October: Foray – Puttenham Common, Surrey

Saturday 21st Oct: Foray – Wimbledon Common, Surrey-Fully Booked

Saturday 28th Oct: Foray – Hampstead Heath-Fully Booked

Sunday 12th November: Foray- New Forest, Hants

Saturday 18th November: Luxury Breakfast Foray-Hampstead Heath/Holly Bush






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