Hampstead Heath – Saturday September 19th – 2020-Cancelled due to uncertainty surrounding COVID–19-2nd wave

Hampstead Heath Map kenwood house

We have several meeting points on Hampstead Heath so I will provide you the appropriate details and map when you book. All locations are within easy reach of public transportation and have parking for drivers.


Please select the required option below booking process. Once you have made your booking you will receive a confirmation email accompanied by a check list and directions for the meeting point.


£25 per individual


£45 pounds per couple


£50 for family which is 2 adults and 1-2 children


£20 concession for students and OAPs

Walk and Book Bundle

Book a walk and get to purchase my new book at the special price of £50!  15% off the retail price of £60.

Individual Bundle – Walk £25, Book £50 = £75.00


Joint Bundle – Walk for two people £45, Book £50 = £95.00


Family Bundle – Family walk £50, Book £50 =  £100.00


Forays begin at 10am and last for around three and half hours. In order to maintain a personal approach numbers will be limited to approximately 20 people per foray, excluding children. It is hoped that these forays will give those that attend a chance to interact with the natural environment in a responsible and respectful manner and to learn about some of the 560 species that Andy has recorded from this site.

Select DIRECTIONS to see the meeting point.

In terms of attire, we are walking off the beaten track in many of these walks so please have a sensible pair of walking shoes or ‘wellies’ if it’s wet weather. If it is raining I would suggest waterproof trousers as well as jackets if you have them available. Layers always work well with our unpredictable British weather too………it’s amazing how changeable the climate can be within several hours.

Bring a packed lunch or snack as we will take a break for 30 minutes or so and of course, bottled water.

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