Fungi Guide

This guide is strictly used in conjunction with a Fungi to be With event.


Russula –  brittle gills and flesh that crumbles and breaks easily, gills range from white to yellow ochre, depending on the species.  A colourful genus of bright reds, yellows and greens to dull browns.




Agaricus – white-brown, smooth or scaly cap with pink to brown gills and ring on stem – similar to shop mushroom, often yellowing or reddening when handled or bruised.  Some smell sweetly of almonds others of TCP.




Amanita -white gills that are flexible and more difficult break. Most often with a ring or ring remnant on stem, some are without a ring and some have a sac at base of the stem.  Contains the deadly Death Cap.




Boletes – brown, red and orange cap with tubes on underside  instead of gills.




Lactarius – will excrete clear or milky or carrot coloured fluid from gills when rubbed




Deceivers – small purple and orange caps with gills and stems same colour. Widely spaced gills





Ink Caps – medium to small, fragile and found in groups, often growing on wood and sometimes even dung

ink caps




Mycena – small, fragile mushrooms that are often found trooping on wood




Tree Fungi – examples of bracket fungi




Tricholoma –  medium to large, variable family with gills that are notched just before where they attach to the stem